Introducing The SnarfScarf®, a Game-Changer in Adult Bibs

August 01, 2015

What do you think of when you think of adult bibs? Perhaps an enormous vinyl or terrycloth version of an infant bib? Or one of those tragic dish-cloth-turned-accessory numbers? Well, the traditional adult bib just got an epic upgrade. The SnarfScarf® is changing what dignified dining looks like, one meal at a time.

Aging can be beautiful, but it can also be characterized by loss - loss of independence, loss of physical and mental capacity, loss of friends, etc. Wearing what you eat doesn't have to be a part of aging, and bibs don't have to be embarrassing. The SnarfScarf® is on a mission to give back some dignity to the people who deserve it the most. 

When the inventor of The SnarfScarf® saw the impact that Parkinson's Disease was having on her mom's mealtimes and self-esteem, she had an idea. Her mom had been a very stylish woman so stains on her shirt seemed to broadcast to the world that Parkinson's was robbing her of so much, including her motor skills. The SnarfScarf® was invented to protect "the spill zone" in the most subtle and beautiful way possible. (Necessity is the mother of invention, right?)

The SnarfScarf® isn't like other adult bibs. In fact, we don't even use the word "bib" on our packaging and branding because we are trying to move away from the image we conjured up a minute ago. The SnarfScarf® is different because it is:

  • beautiful
  • comfortable
  • dignified
  • discreet
  • stain-hiding
  • unique (it's patented!)
  • designer
  • absorbent
  • easy
  • affordable

People who wear a SnarfScarf® feel like they're wearing a beautiful accessory that complements their outfit. NO ONE wants to wear a towel. Gifting a SnarfScarf® says that you care.

And it's not just great for elderly people - travelers, kids, messy eaters, hospital patients, and special needs people love it too! Browse our collection at The SnarfScarf®.




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