Ah, the power of Facebook. In November of 2012, I took to Facebook after watching a particularly brutal episode of The Shark Tank to say how clever people are, but how running a business looks difficult. My old friend Bonnie commented to say that I should take over The SnarfScarf®.

Bonnie invented The SnarfScarf® in an attempt to bring some dignity back to the mealtimes of her aging mom, Caroline. After creating her first prototype, she knew that more than just Caroline could benefit from such an innovative product - children, travelers, wine lovers, people with special needs, home cooks, and people who love to eat, not wear what they eat!

I remembered The SnarfScarf® and jumped at the opportunity to revive her clever idea! I never thought that I’d be running my own business but sometimes, a serendipitous moment collides with your skill set and an opportunity changes your life.

Thank you for supporting my small business!

Darwin Designs LLC

Caroline and Bonnie                                                 Me and my daughters